Candace Resnick (A.K.A. “Can-do”) has continued throughout her 35 year career to push clay to the limit.  From larger than life sculptural roses to colorful ceramic murals she covers all the bases and proves that there is almost nothing she cannot make out of dirt.

Exactly how far can a career in clay take you?
To the limit, apparently.  Weaving together boundless creative energy with an entrepenurial spirit, Candace has used her artistic talent to create a large and stunningly varied body of ceramic work not to mention some surprising business opportunities which have taken her on far flung adventures around the globe. Click here to read more about the artist.
From time to time throughout the years, though she has taught several workshops, Candace has largely remained focused on her own art.  As a result of this intensive dedication, she has developed a unique repertoire of techniques and methods which will form the basis of a series residential ceramic retreats now being offered in her private studio.  Spend 9 days working in a small group setting with plenty of personal attention and return home with a tool box full of new skills as well as ways to apply them to your own process. If this has sparked your interest, click here to read more.
From pots to peonies, Resnick’s portfolio is vibrant, alive and extremely varied but every piece, whether grand or small, embodies exquisite attention to detail, color and design.  Candace has been in love with clay for years and it shows.  A lifetime devoted to ceramic exploration has produced a body of work, which is amazing in scope and depth.  Click here to enjoy a tour of the gallery and get a taste of the endless possibilities.